1.    In the unlikely event of an impending hurricane, do not panic! Listen to radio and TV weather reports, and talk to the neighbors. There is usually nothing to worry about. We have had only three major hurricanes in the last 75 years, so the chance of a problem is very low!
Note: The hurricanes that do the most damage are ones in which the "eye" is just to the west of us (e.g. over Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island) and which have a storm surge that arrives at high tide.

2.    Contact a Board member.

3.    Do not leave the house unsecured. Move all furniture, books, dishes, pots & pans, etc. to the second floor and/or attic. Anything that is left unsecured on the first floor will float away.

4.    Take the family photo albums with you when you leave, if at all possible, so they are not in the house when the hurricane hits.

5.    Move boats to high ground (the Keelers' lawn on the other side of their house, for example.) Any boats that are left attached near the house may cause damage to both the house and the boat.

6.    Unplug all appliances and turn off the master electric switch in the garage.

7.    Leave all doors and windows on the first floor open. Yes… open! This is very important. The build-up of pressure from water surrounding the house will cause major structural damage.

8.    Follow the directions of the authorities when instructed to evacuate or move to a safe location.