Directions to Porter House

Phinney's Point is located 2 1/2 miles south of the Bourne Bridge off Shore Road just before the town of Monument Beach.

49 Maryland Avenue
Phinney's Point
Monument Beach, MA  02553
508 759 3029

Cross the Bourne Bridge.

At the Bourne Bridge rotary, take the first rotary exit towards Mashnee and Monument Beach.

At the Gray Gables Market bear left (AWAY from Mashnee) towards Monument Beach, look for the Lobster Trap on the right.

After the Lobster Trap, go .4 miles and look for a "Slow Dangerous Curve" sign stacked on top of a "School Bus Stop Ahead" caution sign as the road goes to the left.

Immediately after the Dangerous Curve sign and before  the road curves to the left, take a HARD right onto Evergreenhill Road.

(If at this point you are in the small town of Monument Beach, you have gone too far and need to turn around and make a cautious left onto Evergreenhill Rd.  Beware of oncoming traffic from this direction.)

Cross the railroad tracks onto Phinney's Point.  Bear right, go past the tennis courts and bear sharp left.  Pass three houses and turn right onto Maryland Avenue.  The gray house on the right, at the bottom of the short hill is the Porter House.

Gray Gables Market
Lobster Trap
Monument Beach
Bourne Bridge
Porter House x
Porter House