(These floor plans are reasonably close to exact proportions, and should suffice for permitting purposes.  You can click them to enlarge to full size.)
The proposed renovation would involve removing the back wall of the closet in Louise's room and creating a wall where the closet door is, then moving the utilities inward and creating a hallway along the window that was previously in the bathroom ("Proposed A").  Because of the shape of the bathtub (the rounded corner can not be against a wall), there are only 2 possibilities for a layout, and this one works best from both a sizing standpoint and a more practical plumbing alteration.  Although the bathroom would be a little bit smaller in size, it is still more than adequate.  This layout also involves less work in creating walls and doorways, and much of the material can simply be re-used, at a considerable cost savings.  The appearance as you come up the stairs would not change since  the existing wall with the pictures on it would not be altered.

Tee suggested that we keep the bathroom against the window (Proposed "B") and that might work as well or better, but I'll need to check with a plumber to see if either one can be done as designed.  It would likely mean relocating the drain vent pipe that's currently in Suzanne's room, but I can't imagine that that's a big obstacle.  I don't think that there is enough space to retain the closet in Louise's room and still keep the bathtub in the bathroom. 

I think the major expense involved will be the plumbing.  However, I was at the house this weekend and looked again at the drain pipe for the upstairs toilet.  It is cast iron and quite corroded, which is why it was leaking.  MacNally plugged the leak, but sooner or later it will need to be replaced by polyethylene pipe.  Massachusett's regulations require that any plumbing be done by a registered plumber, so even though we may be able to do some of the plumbing, it would need to be supervised by MacNally or someone else who is licensed.

Basically the steps involved are:
1.  Decide if we want to proceed with the full project.
2.  Submit plans to MacNally and/or a general contractor if needed. Get a rough idea of project costs.
3.  Get a permit from the town of Bourne (about $25 to $50)

Once we get a permit, I think we could do much of the work in October if a few people are willing to participate for about a week.  What doesn't get finished then could then be finished in the spring, but hopefully that would probably just involve painting and decorating.

The actual construction steps would be:
1.  Remove tub, toilet, and sink (to be re-used).
2.  Remove existing flooring and plumbing.
3.. Remove existing back wall of closet in Louise's room. 
4.  Reinforce existing 1" wall "within" old closet.
5.  Install new plumbing.
6.  Install entire new subfloor.
7.  Sheetrock 3 walls and ceiling.  (The current "west" wall could be retained).
8.  Install
tile flooring.
9.  Reinstall tub, toilet and sink.
10.  Install new wall and door between bathroom and hallway.
11.  Finish trim and paint.

rev. 4/17/08